About The InJ Framework


The Innovator’s Journey (InJ) Credo by Carlton L. Robinson: Each innovator has a Call to Innovate that warrants an individually defined (InJ) Start to their journey. They Descend by searching for answers to innovation challenges. They begin to Ascend by gathering assets, testing, and/or collaborating to overcome those challenges. Ultimately, they move towards Unifying all that they have learned and experienced to manage a new state of entrepreneurial thinking. And they Return from the iteration as a hero.

Entrepreneurial resource providers make themselves available for support and engagement at each phase (Entrepreneurial Pivolution).

The Innovator's Journey (InJ) is a form future entrepreneurial logic. #InJ #FutureLogic. It is an adaptation of the Hero's Journey, new concepts, content, and Lean Startup logic that work to catalyze innovation along the Innovator's Journey (InJ). The driving force behind the concept is improving the innovator's experience and outcomes as they create, vet, build, measure, learn, & strategize.