About the Innovator’s Journey (InJ)

Established in beautiful Jacksonville (FL), The Innovator’s Journey (InJ) Company is an umbrella project of tools built to advance entrepreneurial ecosystems. The triumvirate of a blockchain network, a learning management system, and a knowledge base are all based on a business method (patent-pending) for capturing, vetting, communicating & recording entrepreneurial intentions. The method, developed by Carlton L. Robinson, DBA, relies on entrepreneurial experience and resource provider experience. It has been validated with over 2,000 entrepreneurs in multiple communities.

The primary focus of the Innovator’s Journey method is improving the experience of the innovator and of the resource provider as the innovator advances on their journey toward entrepreneurial success. The need for development in this area was established in a masters thesis at Penn State University: The Triple-Helix Network Approach in the state of Florida- an entrepreneurial ecosystem analysis.

An umbrella of assets forming a ‘Smart Economy’ to advance entrepreneurial ecosystems:

  • H3LICES Learning Management System

  • InJ Knowldedge Base

  • Pivot.City Helix (OC-2 Ecosystem-Summer 2019)