About the Innovator’s Journey (InJ)

The Innovator’s Journey (InJ) is a business method (patent-pending) for capturing, vetting, communicating & recording entrepreneurial intentions. The method, developed by Carlton L. Robinson, DBA, relies on entrepreneurial experience and resource provider experience. It has been validated with over 1,000 use cases in multiple communities. The components are listed below:

acceleration stacks [proven journeys]

  • Lean Continuance Stack is designed with activities to assist users in advancing their Lean StartUp Method outcomes.

  • Entrepreneurial Resource Provider training.

h3lices training platform

It is a learning platform for delivering the Innovator’s Journey (InJ) Business Method. Classrooms (Helices) are hosted for delivery of acceleration stacks.

innovator’s journey knowledge base

The knowledge base is repository of shared institutional knowledge as an entrepreneurial resource provider.

innovator’s journey dlt (fall 2019)

Note: A stack is defined as an Innovator’s Journey business protocol that produces entrepreneurial artifacts..