Introducing the Innovator's Journey (InJ)

On April 9th I introduced the Innovator's Journey to a group of entrepreneurs in Jacksonville, FL. My focus was to expose an innovation crisis and introduce a solution/treatment that could enhance entrepreneurial ecosystems worldwide. This modernization of entrepreneurial education of resource providers was researched and experienced over a ten year period. Leveraging use cases, it was an opportunity for our community and me to contribute to thought leadership that supports entrepreneurship. Most importantly, establishing a form of innovation accounting for innovators and entrepreneurial resource providers.

The Innovator's Journey (InJ) is an experiential approach to entrepreneurial education that transforms the small business mindset to an entrepreneurial one. A goal of this work is to enhance the innovator experience (InX) and outcomes. The crisis stems from a 60-year old problem: lack of innovation in supporting innovators. While innovators and the tools they use to communicate entrepreneurial intentions have rapidly advanced in the 21st century, many resource providers remain stuck in the 20th century with a business plan mentality of support.

The Innovator's Journey provides a form of future logic for those who want to enhance the innovator experience (InX). This methodology has over 1,000 use cases in Jacksonville, FL that helped to create the innovative & detailed interactions between an innovator and a resource provider. It is also a form of entrepreneurial management with Lean Startup elements that can be used in both startups and enterprises.

The foundation of the Innovator's Journey (InJ) is the Lean StartUp approach. It is critical that resource providers understand the four pillars of the approach before they can enhance the innovator's experience (InX). Throughout this approach I am imploring those that support innovators and entrepreneurs to grasp these concepts as a foundation of understanding innovation in the 21st century.


In an effort to accelerate innovation in startups and enterprises, in Jacksonville (FL) I have introduced the Innovator's Journey (InJ) methodology. The method is aimed at improving the aptitude of entrepreneurial resource providers. We have proven in Jacksonville (FL) that entrepreneurial resource providers (ERP) who are entrepreneurial enhance the success of today's innovator's. In 2018, Innovator's Journey Field Guide sessions are planned for Florida, Texas, and North Carolina.

carlton robinson